Inspired By Faith Book Reviews Questionaire with Melody Ravert
                                                FEATURED AUTHOR:

Healing Sticks
ISBN # 1-4137-0923-0

Q. Steve, I want to thank you for sharing your book, Healing Sticks. I know everyone who reads it will be blessed. Can you tell us a bit of background on how the idea was created?
R. Certain ideas just come into my mind randomly and unexpectedly. This has been happening to me ever since I first gave my life to God. Maybe you could call it inspiration or just an overactive imagination, but I always give credit to God because He created us and when we give Him the opportunity to teach us He usually does.

Q. Although a work of fiction, much research must have went into the book, especially as to what scriptures to weave into the story. Everything was so well thought out, that the events which followed could really happen.  Any insights you would like to share?
R. My research is basically just reading the Bible almost everyday since I was seventeen years old and so it comes natural for me. I then try to place scriptures strategically into the story wherever they best fit. Basically the storyline is just to get a reader interested so I can give them God’s word in a positive light. Trying to get people to see God’s love for them is my top priority. This story could very well happen and I’ve had responses from people saying that as they read the book they actually believed it was happening. I think that a good book idea is when other people hear the storyline they say, “I could have came up with that!” That is a complement to simplicity, which makes for great reading.

Q. The main character, David Clayton is passionate about the Gospel and has a deep desire to have a personal relationship with God. In one instance, Clayton becomes very ill and ends up spending many days in a wheelchair. With the pressure of friends and loved ones to use one of the "healing sticks" how do you explain David's decision to trust God?
R. David was a very unselfish person and took the responsibility that was placed in his hands extremely serious. He had already used his one stick and he would not deter from that fact. He believed everybody should have the chance to be blessed with such an extraordinary opportunity and he had used his one chance already. God had also told David that He would heal him in His own time and to trust Him for that. Kind of like Abraham when God told him to give his son as a sacrifice and Abraham did as God asked. For the world to see a man with such character in the face of astonishing peril was a great testimony.

Q. Can you tell us about your other projects? Is there going to be a Healing Sticks II? If so, would you give us a little information on this plot?
R. I have written a fully illustrated children’s book and a biography entitled, “Escape from Vietnam”, which is very exciting and uplifting. The story is miraculous and true. I am hoping for publication of both of them. There is going to be a Healing Sticks II, and I do not have anything written down as of yet, only thoughts in a tape recorder. I think one of the most unusual aspects of my writing is that many of my ideas come to me when I am sleeping or half asleep. When ideas come to me I wake up and record them on a small tape recorder beside my bed. In the morning when I listen to what I said, I am sometimes surprised at what I spoke into the recorder the night before. So really I don’t have an overall plot for book two.

Q. Tell us a bit about yourself. How does your family support your career as an author?
R. I am currently going to college full time for a degree to better myself. I have enough college credits to have a Master’s Degree, but unfortunately they are all in different areas. I have an Associate’s Degree now and a Journeyman’s license as a Sheet Metal Worker. I also have a United States Patent and am listed as an inventor. My family supports my writing projects and they hope I am successful at it.

Q. If you had a chance to be a missionary anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?
R. I would love to go to Israel. Israel is experiencing unbelievable pain and suffering as a result of terrorist’s attacks. There are many homeless and desperate people in need of help. There economy is in severe turmoil as is there employment situation. I would love to open up some kind of shelter for those who are in need. My focus would be to first help them out physically and then guide them to call out to their Messiah for the healing of their nation. I believe that as a result of their coming to Jesus they would see more blessings and overcome this most desperate time in their history.
Inspired By Faith Book Review by Melody Ravert
Healing Sticks
by Stephen John French
Publish America
ISBN# 1-4137-0923-0

Any 'Indiana Jones' fan knows the famed archaeologist suffered numerous trials and sufferings in his pursuit to discover Biblical artifacts. His diligence was rewarded when he did find the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail.

Healing Sticks is the story of a man, David Clayton who is the son of a businessman who inherits his father's multi-million dollar soft drink company.

After visiting the Holy Land, Clayton falls in love with the people and the country, Israel. He hears of a legend that tells of the cross where Jesus hung was hidden.  The healing power of the blood of Jesus soaked into the pieces of wood of that cross, and even when broken, has the power to heal any sickness or disease.

As Clayton begins his search for this holy remnant, his soul is seeking to find the One who died on the cross.

Imagine the aftermath of finding such a treasure? People being cured of life-threatening illnesses and diseases; a wild-fire spreading of the Gospel as people from all walks of life come to know the Great Physician and give their hearts to Christ. There would naturally be those who didn't believe the healing sticks were authentic, and would call them a hoax. Others would be desperate and use illegal means of obtaining a healing stick.

Stephen John French's, Healing Sticks portrays a vivid description about what would happen if the cross of Christ were to be found and discovered it had the power to heal.  Although this story is a work of fiction, the truths found in God's Word are blended into the story in such a way that will inspire the reader.

In reading Healing Sticks, I noted the overlying spiritual message that God wants an intimate relationship with us. He created us in His image and desires our fellowship. (Genesis 1:26)

God revealed His love to us and showed His love knows no boundaries when He gave us His Son. (Romans 5:8)

Healing Sticks is a perfect gift for believers as well as non-believers. It provides accurate truths from the Bible that will inspire more in-depth reading and a closer relationship with our Maker.