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Biography by Stephen John French
  Vietnam was a country that was war torn and left savagely reeling. In a nation where bombs rocked the world and napalm bombs scorched the earth, domestic violence raged in the middle of the Vietnam War.  Young American soldiers were flown into Vietnam to fight the North Vietnamese army, anguish was expressed on the soldier's faces and death loomed inside their thoughts.  Escape from Vietnam is a true-life story of Mai's personal war, which she fought in the battlefront of her own home.  Mai's terrifying life of physical and mental abuse was as real to her as the trial of those brave young American GI's were about to face against the Vietcong soldiers in the battle of their lives.
   Death could come at any moment by the hands of her own husband.  Domestic violence shattered Mai's life, like a prisoner of war she was battered and beaten by this alcoholic and insane man.  "My face swelled up like a balloon, his hands were so fast and powerful against my petite body that I didn't even see his punches coming," Mai reiterated after a beating.  His fierce behavior led Mai to conjure up a plan for him to escape the country, thereby saving her own life.  Through a twist in fate Mai was given the opportunity to escape instead of him.  Would she be able to leave her family to save her own life?  Her decision to either stay or leave this personal hell and flee for freedom is a compelling story. Mai's choice of possibly dying in a tiny boat on frigid ocean waters or be killed at home from the intense beatings was a decision she was only given a few minutes to make. To choose certain death or uncertain death was the ultimate decision she had to make in her frightening and extremely intense situation. This lead up to the decision that terrified her either way, to stay or to escape from Vietnam.   Her battleground was her own home and the torment that  was poured out on her was excruciating. This horrific biography is unbelievably terrifying and will make you shudder as you live the experiences with her. You will cry along with her and you will cheer her in her miraculous triumphs. Come to Vietnam and experience Hell on earth as it has never been shown before. Mai's story is encouraging and uplifting to battered women and a testament to the sheer strength of the female potency involved in domestic violence cases worldwide.
Picture taken in Vietnam by Stephen French