Author Interview with Stephen John French interviewed by Melody Ravert


Q. Is this your first published book?
A. Yes.

Q. Where do you get your ideas, inspirations from?
A. While praying and reading my Bible.

Q. Who are your favorite authors?
A. Bob George who wrote Classic Christianity.
Major W. Ian Thomas who wrote The Saving Life of Christ.
Hal Lindsey Bible Prophesy books.
CS Lewis who is inspiring.

Q. How did you get your start in writing?
A. As a teenager I started writing poetry after I became a Christian. Later on I wrote
short stories and a fully illustrated children's book. I have also written a
biography entitled, "Escape from Vietnam." All my books are copyrighted.

Q. How does your faith in God inspire you in your writing?
A. My faith in God is and has been from the beginning the reason I started writing.
When I think about all that Jesus has done for us there is so much to write about
and I have a very creative mind so with God's inspiration I am able to come up
with storylines quite easily. The only thing holding me back is time to work on

Q. Where can readers, fans contact you?
A. Send E-Mail to: Back on homepage click Send E-mail.

Q. What is your next project?
A. I have already submitted my children's book and Escape from Vietnam to
Publish America. I am hoping they will also publish both these books. I am now
in the process of gathering up ideas for Healing Sticks II.

Q. Any words you would like to say to unpublished writers?
A. I tried for many, many years to get a publisher to read my books. I know it
seems like an almost impossible task, especially when you're an unknown
author. Keep on trying if you truly believe your have something that would be of
value to people. Most of all pray for God's blessing and He will give you the
desires of your heart.

Q. Where can readers purchase your book(s)?
A. and and
Visit Stephen's website at