Healing Sticks is the third book Stephen wrote and the first of his books that have been published. You know what they say, "The third time is a charm." He is trying to get Healing Sticks made into a motion picture in hopes it will help a hurting world with the love God has for each and every one of us. Stephen has written many short stories along with his three books. Stephen's first book is entitled, "Escape from Vietnam." Escape is an exciting biography and a brief synopsis is given on page two. Stephen researched parts of this book while in Vietnam, during his two trips there to visit. He just returned from Vietnam on his third trip in July of 2004. Escape from Vietnam is now available from Publish America and  is Stephen's second published book. His other book is a fully illustrated children's book entitled, "Meet Haley Oats." Haley Oats is a story about Haley and her family that promotes family values and is just good-hearted fun. Stephen holds a United States Patent and is listed as an inventor. He graduated from a four-year Apprenticeship program with the Sheet Metal Worker's International Association in 1986 and is a licensed Journeyman. Stephen also attended a Trade School for one year resulting in a Journeyman's license in Air-Conditioning Service.  Years later he went back to college for an Associate's in Applied Science Degree in Sheet Metal and Air-Conditioning. Stephen worked five years in the Aerospace industry. Starting in manufacturing, he then became an Expeditor for the company, handling a substantial portion of the United States customer base. Later on, in this same company he worked as a Final Inspector of foundry parts made for large corporations and military contractors. He has taken classes in Industrial Blueprint Reading and Military Specifications. In his "spare time" he also worked for a large state newspaper on a part time basis for over seven years. In May of 2004 Stephen graduated with an Associate's in Applied Science degree in Occupational Safety and Health. In 2007 he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Occupational Safety and Health.