The Passion Of The Christ movie shows the last twelve hours of the life of Jesus, His suffering and ultimate death on the cross. Healing Sticks picks up where The Passion left off. Jesus is alive and well today! If you or loved ones have questions as to why Jesus had to die for our sins then Healing Sticks is the book for you! What Jesus did for us is explained in a fictional story line about the finding of the cross in our modern time.  This exciting fast paced story is saturated with Godís Word. Containing 131 Scriptures and many Bible stories, Healing Sticks leads the reader to see that God wants to have a personal relationship with them.  This book will answer many questions regarding what God desires for each and every one of us.  Scriptures are placed strategically within the story line so that Godís word is read in a positive light. The story will compel many who normally may not read the Bible to more understanding and hopefully to salvation in Christ.
As David Clayton begins his search for this holy remnant, his soul is seeking to find the One who died on the cross. Imagine the aftermath of finding such a treasure? People being cured of life-threatening illnesses and diseases; a wild-fire spreading of the Gospel as people from all walks of life come to know the Great Physician and give their hearts to Christ. There would naturally be those who didn't believe the healing sticks were authentic, and would call them a hoax. Others would be desperate and use illegal means of obtaining a healing stick. Chaos would erupt on planet Earth.
Stephen John French's, Healing Sticks portrays a fictional vivid description about what would happen if the cross of Christ were to be found and discovered it had the power to heal.  Although this story is a work of fiction, the truths found in God's Word are blended into the story in such a way that will inspire the reader.  In reading Healing Sticks, the overlying spiritual message is that God wants an intimate relationship with us. He desires we come to Him for life and extends His love with open arms.  
Revival was breaking out in churches all over the world. The scene was absolutely amazing; Godís Spirit was being poured out on all flesh.  There were many reports of healings taking place even without the sticks.  What a time to be alive, what a time to know and love the Savior of the world.  Jesus was being proclaimed everywhere; you could almost hear the rocks and trees crying out for their redemption.  Jesus was on the hearts and minds of every human being and questioning the world once again, ďWho do you say that I am?Ē